The beginning in 1972

The restaurant, known as the “Greek House” back in the ‘70s, was a hotspot of the Athenian life back then. Several years later the name “Attikos”, inspired by the cultural landscape of the surrounding area, was added to its initial name.
One generation goes and another comes, each leaving its own mark on the family business. But what remained the same throughout the years is its traditional style, as well as our family’s love for Greek food and hospitality.
Our legacy has always inspired us; however, today’s new trends invite us to work in different ways too, by adopting new techniques and styles, thus enriching our customers’ culinary experience.


We have been doing our best for 40 years

Our prime purpose is to please the people who honor us with their presence



By combining the heritage of the past with the constantly changing face of today, our desire for further progress keeps getting stronger.
Having established family atmosphere and hospitable environment as the main philosophy of our business, without compromising the quality of food and service, ultimate goal of our business throughout all these years is to please the people who do not stop honoring us with their presence.